Rootkits Are Probably Manipulating Your Smartphones

Cyber criminals are always finding new and creative ways to execute their ill intentions. One of the sneakiest if not the most; are rootkits. Even the most reputable and powerful [ … ]

Dangerous or usless play store apps
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Is The LG U+ Truly Capable Of Vertical Flight?

The LG U+ Is The Coolest Thing I’ve stumbled Upon On The Internet. It’s a bird, it’s a plane Nope It’s The LG U+ (sorry couldn’t help it). Have you [ … ]

mi 5x
sony xperia touch
Why Are Smartphone Prices Becoming More Expensive?

  With each breakthrough in technology comes more products and applications for the final consumers. As the years pass by, more functionality is added- the most recent example of technology [ … ]

5 Cool Office Gadgets That Will Increase Your Productivity

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How To Control Your PC With Your Smartphone