Rootkits Are Probably Manipulating Your Smartphones

Cyber criminals are always finding new and creative ways to execute their ill intentions. One of the sneakiest if not the most; are rootkits. Even the most reputable and powerful [ … ]

Dangerous or usless play store apps
Source: https://tnvc.com/shop/tele-vue-tnvc-fonemate-night-vision-smart-phone-adapter-system/
Is The LG U+ Truly Capable Of Vertical Flight?

The LG U+ Is The Coolest Thing I’ve stumbled Upon On The Internet. It’s a bird, it’s a plane Nope It’s The LG U+ (sorry couldn’t help it). Have you [ … ]

mi 5x
sony xperia touch
5 Cool Gadgets That Can Make Life A Bit Easier

If you entered this page, you’re either here because you are a curious little fellow or you really need ideas and shortcuts. And If you are as lazy as I [ … ]

How To Control Your PC With Your Smartphone

Have You Ever Wished To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Wireless Mouse? Well good news because you can do a lot more than that. You can turn your smartphone into [ … ]