How To Control Your PC With Your Smartphone

How To Control Your PC With Your Smartphone

Have You Ever Wished To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Wireless Mouse?

Well good news because you can do a lot more than that. You can turn your smartphone into wireless mouse, remote and keyboard and have multiple useful shortcuts that are going to help you reach any app from a distance while you’re binge watching your favorite movies.  And it doesn’t even have to be a smartphone to work, it could be any android device or an Ipad. Needless to say it works on both Android and IOS.

So What’s This All About?

Well, If you haven’t guessed it yet, it’s an app. It’s called RemoteLink  you can find it on the Playstore or Appstore. You’ll have to download it on both your PC and your smartphone and both of these devices have to be running under the same WiFi network for this to work. It’ll support both Windows and Mac operating systems just make sure you download it here. ( A word of advice, Don’t use IDM)

It’s a zip file so you’re going to need 7zip to extract the setup wizard. After you’ve done that, simply double click the setup wizard and just follow through the program and you’ll be asked to restart your computer.

Here’s something to guide you through the process

Step 1

Extract the file.

How To Control Your PC With Your Smartphone

Step 2

Double click the setup wizard and follow through by clicking the Next button.

How To Control Your PC With Your Smartphone1

Step 3

Turn the app on.

Step 4

Double click to open the Asus Smart Gesture icon.

How To Control Your PC With Your Smartphone2

Step 5

Make sure WiFi is activated on both your PC and your Smartphone and tap on the Search Device button.

And then you select your device. Mine is called Shovon-Computer .

Okay now you’re all set. If you’re still with me, congratulations! You’ve made it through an extremely boring process.

Now, It’s Finally Time For Some Fun!

As you can see on the image below, the interface is strikingly simple and not at all overwhelming if you’ve used smartphones for a while. The “R” button indicates the right mouse button and “L” is naturally the selection or left mouse button. you can also double tap on the touchscreen to open applications or double tap hold and drag to scroll down. A bit of warning though the “R” button is a bit laggy sometimes which is a bit annoying. There is a screen magnifier just below the “L” and “R” buttons which is a helpful touch. You can also start typing by tapping on the keyboard icon on the upper right hand corner.

Rock Your PowerPoint Presentations!

If you have to do a lot of PowerPoint presentations the next tab will be very helpful. You can press and hold the wand icon and that will show a pointer on your computer screen and you can move it around smoothly by waving your smartphone like a magic wand. You can also change the pages of pages of your presentation by tapping on the left and right arrow buttons.

Change That Song! Raise The Volume!

Now this is the part I like most. Here you can raise or lower the volume of your PC just like you would on your TV by moving the volume regulator. And you can change the songs left and right. Right below are the main buttons there are smaller buttons that let you shuffle or repeat your favorite songs. On the top there are a bunch of icons. The first one lets you choose between different Media players installed on your PC. And the next icon opens the default Media player directly. The third button lets you maximize or minimize the program window and the forth let’s you choose your music or other media files from within your PC.

Give It Some Rest Will Ya!

And finally the power button. Call me lazy but this page is pretty much self explanatory. And I find this option remarkably useful and really cool. You can just press one of these buttons and just walk away to do whatever business you do. You don’t have to press anything else and can just relax.

Why I chose RemoteLink

There were many other apps that let you do the same thing. But I chose the Remotelink app because of just how simple and straight forward it is. It has a few hiccups but the app does what it’s supposed to do. The ads don’t come in the way and it doesn’t slow my phone down one bit.

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